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Circular interpolation (G02-G03)

Allows the team to be moved along an arc. Xp-Yp plane G17, G02 arc (G03) Xp_Yp_R_ (IJ) F_ written in the format.
G17 Xp Yp plane
G18 Zp Xp plane
G19 Yp Zp plane
G02 Circular interpolation clock direction of rotation (CW)
G03 Opposite direction of rotation of the circular interpolation clock (CCW)
Xp_ X-axis command value
Yp_ Y axis command value
Zp_ Z axis command value
I_ Bow bow the center of the center of the X-axis distance from the start point of the knife
J_ The distance from the starting point of the spring pocket knife Yekseninde the center of the center of the spring
K_ The starting point of the center of the spring pocket knife with spring-center distance along the Z axis
R_ Arc radius
F_ progress along the arc
G1 or G0 G02 or G03 code is specified in codes remain active until. Both incremental and absolute coordinates of the end point arc as indicated.On the other hand arc center coordinates (I, J, and K) is specified as an incremental. Arc radius circular interpolation direction varies according to the specification of plus or minus sign. Circular interpolation in order to help the state of the use of different platforms is given a sketch below.

Arc end point coordinates are specified with Xp or Yp in roller, G90, G91 incremental or absolute mode can be given as according to the state.Incremental values ​​observed in arc end point coordinates are specified as the starting point. The arc center I, J and K, Xp, Ypve way which is appropriate to the indicated Zp. On the other hand I, J, and K is a vector component and addresses of the following numeric values ​​plotted in the center of the arc start point of the arc is truth, and is always incremental values ​​specified in the components. I, J, and K values ​​are specified as got to be with respect to the direction signs.

If I, J, and K values ​​is zero in any of them, they may be started without notice.Xp, Yp or Zp, unless specified values ​​(the starting point and the ending point is the same case), and the spring center I, J, and K values ​​indicated by the cutting process, the tool makes a 360-degree arc. (Full circle)


tam ve yarım daire G02-G03 interpolasyon
Cell Discharge
Getting started with the program start with the bottom of G91. How much goes down every pass, we write Z (-0.5) (L 50) Z is the length of the total. G90 code and begin to evacuate, how much of each is receiving the full passes (X or Y) that is shifted.
O(p)02 sub-program
T1M6 (end mill);
G2 I12.5 J0;
M3 S2500;
G2 I17.5
G2 I22.5
G2 I 25
The distance between the arc center comprises a broadcasting spring, I, J, instead of using the arc radius R symptoms may also by used.In this case, a circular interpolation on a large arc from 180 degrees (rotation) are applied to the minus sign must be specified as the value of the radius of the spring.During the spring not make circular interpolation with radius R if none is specified values ​​of X and Y, ie, the spring is located in the same location as the starting point of the arc end point of the zero-degree arc is processed. If you are very close to 180 degrees in an arc asked to completion of the desired circular interpolation, the control system in the event of calculating the arc center can give incorrect results. In this case, the spring angle of 180 degrees or 180 degrees is very close to the value, in terms of the radius of the spring, instead of specifying the use of vectors I and J would be more healthy.
O001; program no
G17G49G40; plane selection tool length offset cancellation, cancellation of tool radius compensation, circuit cancellation
T1M6; call, and the change in team
G0G54G90X-10.83Y-17.34S800 M3; No. 1 position in the coordinate system set with G54 to act quickly Locate the spindle rotate clockwise 800 rpm
G43Z5.H1 takım boyu telafi vererek 5 mm mesafeye yaklaş.
G1Z-5 M8; a depth of 5 mm from the surface with a straight branch cut
G1X151.64Y13.74F250; 2 point of go with a linear cutting action.
G2X176.47Y96.68R43.75F200; 3 point turn clockwise circular structure
G1X228.50Y167.69F250; With a linear cut-off point of 4 Go
Go straight to the point with 5 Descemet
G3X-50.13Y-17.34R103.45.F200; Articles 6 point anti-clockwise circular rotation
G1X-10.83Y-17.34; With a linear cut-off point of 7 Go
G0Z200 M8 M5; Remove the workpiece surface cooling off set 200mm spindle stop.
G28G91Z0; Go to the Z-axis reference
M30; top end of the program.

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