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Milling Machine work coordinate system

Vertical CNC lathes vertical movement of the table X in the transverse movement of the spindle, Y, and Z in the call. (+ X) to the right (+ Y) in the machine housing (+ Z) of the spindle, is true.
Cutting tool first before introducing the workpiece (Z) axis in the workpiece size and the height of değdirilir (G54) Z column is written. Cutting the X-axis tangent to the side surface of the workpiece is advanced until. G54 Cutter radius countertop display page X column by adding the value of X is written. Cutter was lifted up, the setting is shifted in the direction to the surface intersecting corner. Then, the Y axis is moved until it is tangent to the edge of the track. By subtracting the value of the radius of the cutter G54 Revision Y Y column is written to the screen. Figure-A made in this way, a reset. Figure-B in the center was reset. G54 X0, Y0 center, taken from the center of the workpiece. (+ X and-X), (+ Y and-Y) are taken from the center.In addition, the program using the G43 code lengths of the other team (H), Z can be read by reference.

Written in three or more axes programming CNC milling machines.In absolute programming (G90) is given by all of the reference point coordinates. Artışlıda (G91) is assumed to be zero, and go the distance of the point where the circuit breaker is inserted.+ Direction is the same as the direction of the cutter axis coordinate value of the positive (+), with the opposite direction of the axis of the coordinate value (-) is negative.Incremental breaker start to know the programs work correctly (park) Make sure that the point. For it is an absolute motion, cutting through the parking position after an incremental fashion.

Program sample

The tool path sample -1
G0G90G54X0YO; the central
1- G01X20Y30Z10.F500;
2- G01X40Y50Z10;
3- G01X70Y10;
In the example has been described as the tool path length 10 is taken as Z.
The tool path sample-2
G0 G90 G54 X0 Y0 ; the central
G43 H1 Z10;
1- G01 X30 Y-30 F500 ;
2- G01 X20 Y-50;
3- G01 X-40 Y25;
4- G01 X-15 Y45;
Recently the team back to zero (center) returns.
Tool Path and Program Writing

Follow the example below to better understand the tool path when we write programs, and to better understand the way the team. The following example is numbered for better understanding of the way the team would be if we follow the easy to understand how the work, please follow the clip and make followers. Mause to watch the animation again, right click and 'play' key.




program no
Plane selection tool length offset cancel, the tool radius compensation cancel, cycle cancellation
call, and the change in team
G0G54G90X-10.83Y-17.34S800 M3;
No. 1 position in the coordinate system set with G54 to act quickly Locate the spindle rotate clockwise 800 rpm
tool length offset by a distance of 5mm closer.
G1Z-5 M8;
a depth of 5 mm from the surface with a straight branch cut
Go straight to the point with 2 cutting action.
3 point turn clockwise circular structure
With a linear cut-off point of 4 Go
With a linear cut-off point of 5 Go
Articles 6 point anti-clockwise circular rotation
With a linear cut-off point of 7 Go
G0Z200 M8 M5;
Remove the workpiece surface cooling off set 200mm spindle stop.
Go to the Z-axis reference
top end of the program.


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