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Team reset

Reference tool is selected and the team touched the surface of the workpiece. RELATIVE position is displayed by pressing the POS and REL, respectively.
Z is written and (ORIGIN) Relative pressing in the 'Z' value is zero. Bottom of the screen then press the OFFSET SETTING (WORK) by pressing the WORK page (part zero page) opens.Part Zero specify at the 'G54 ..G55 .. and so on. 'Code are on the cursor. Writing Z0 bottom of the screen (Measure) key is pressed. Bottom of the screen then press the OFFSET SETTING (OFFSET) button opens the Tool Offset page.Team as a team, I noted the reference number on the cursor getirirlir light and '0', then 'INPUT' value is reset by pressing here. Then the cursor is on the other teams and offset of the workpiece on the light touched, touched the tool numbers are on. 'Z' writing (İNP.C) key is pressed. Note: The first part of the reference team other teams after resetting the "H" is the height of a kompratör not through entering the track would be more appropriate le reset. If you are using a very team kompratör wants to use some finesse at what we do, the better you will see the values.

Resetting the workpiece

İAfter the first workpiece counter montaladıktan in a healthy way, a place which is flat and smooth curved workpiece, take and use for the lack of binding miter clamps squeezes .. If you do not probe or drill if you have a suitable milling machine tool holder, connecting the plugs. Give at least one cycle. Handle for hand wheel mode and move the axis (X or Y), and then (X1), (X10), (X100) Determine for yourself the appropriate movement speed. Zero the first X axis. Set along the X axis, and the left hand gently touch the posizyonunda RELATIVE reset and set pieces, not to mention whether the X-axis Origin lift it up and slide it to the right and set the X direction opposite number orayada touch the screen to scroll to the resulting figure divided into two and the result X center. G 54 'ü Select the (work) and X0. When we measure the X-axis would be sıfırlamış type. Need to do the same procedure to reset the Y-axis. Z ekseninide take part in the same way from the top of the highest writing. Thus, we were introduced to counter the business part of us. G0G90G54 MDI mode when we start writing our sıfırladığımız points X0 Y0 counter detects and income. Below please see the animation. Whether to watch the animation again to play the right key mausunuza click '.


Introduction to machine animation on the right side of the workpiece (X and Y) can be seen.X and Y axes must be properly reset.Because the program was made ​​based on the zero, then zero is determined by the dimensions of the workpiece. Push to open kolununu G54 Work Offset, and then you see the values ​​of x and y, and Z + X and-X, + Y and-Y difference in difference G54 G54 X Y bracket of the bracket of the summer track üstündende (on the right side animation) G54 Z value of the height summer.Then do check the setting for the machine reference call. G0 G90 G54 X 0 Y0 Z-10 (not to hit) Yukarıdada made ​​a wider explanation.


As shown in the adjacent animation team (Z) H values ​​is how it is done .. Example: The first offset presses and the team came up with tablasunu number sequence. for example, 3 To enter the size of the team at the top of the part as shown in the animation team değdiririz. Below us the reference number and 3 shows the difference in tool length Z kolununda, write that value to the column H3 + input orİNP.C success.He spend the value H column. Thus, sıfırladığımız G54 column (Z) between the reference tool and a number of other size (length) were introduced to the difference in the machine. If the reference number is greater or less than sıfırladığımız 3 of the team and the business part of the machine to calculate the approximate value of that post. Lengths must be taken not to hit your best piece of work teams. Hence the general, most of the errors in production.   


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