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CNC horizontal lathe machine Upward movement of the turret X (+) downward movement of the (-) X is. Spindle turret (mirror) right action (-) Z and backward movement in the (+) Z is. Two-axis horizontal lathe stationary turrets and teams, If the workpiece spindle rotating motion, ie the part of the mirror and hence.Depending on the mirror-acting hydraulic grips (feet) part of the business because of tightened a certain number of turns and the speed with the progress ofgo to the desired value. Racks slide oil is used for , spindle in long pieces There are also moving in accordance with a spot.
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CNC vertical latheleft and right movement of the counter X the up and down movement in the Z axis.Vertical lathe chuck (spindle) road lying down. There are moving parts in C-axis lathes. for example, C-axis milling machines,any drilling operations, such as drilling operations are, While these operations goes to the mirror axis of the fixed holder teams.Also called Y-axis or dual-turret machines machines mirrored by mutual bustling shopping and so on.. There are machines. These machines in various specifications according to customer's request is made or axes.
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Home Setting Up Writing Program Dental Power Cycles