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Threading with G32

Spur, bevel and so on. G32 command can be opened easily with screws.G32 by using the command rotational speed of the mirror position encoder mounted by means of spindle motor in accordance with the circuit G32 command F and the pitch of each cycle by the amount of counter moves simultaneously with the transfer of the mirror. In an era when the sled goes up to the mirror, and thus threading the thread lead is performed.Tapping the keys on the dashboard when the command is given (FEEDRATE OVERRIDE%) changed in any way since it will be a different thread lead change in the progress of time would not be appropriate ..Tapping during the constant speed (G97) is used.

Figure on the right G32X25Z-50.F1.5, the command may be given the teeth.Here, F and tooth pitch (step) and is indicated in the form of progress in mm per revolution. in general, the starting and ending points of the tooth the drop-down servo system because of the delay values ​​are not correct-by-step program to eliminate the problem of oluşabilir.bu length of the thread to be used as long as the actual amount of tooth neck tooth It specifies the beginning and ending amount of length a1 or a2, respectively, in the form of parts of the indicated.


the sample study
Threading operation listed on the side track-by-step process: 4mm, a1 = 3mm, 1.5 mm, the value of a2 for the program

Thread Cutting Cycle G92
Thread cutting with G32 command did in previous sections.During threading with the code G32 G-code with each of the four sub-bottom pasonun have seen written and programmed would know.This is the equivalent of four lines of G code with code written in a single line post will provide more convenience.G92 code that works.The general format of the code XaZbFl G92, G92;

Zb FL G92 Xa, when the program code, the first item "a" as the diameter of the speed goes down, the "br" lengthwise. L.-progress (pitch) makes the cutting process.Then, at an angle of 45 dercelik "b", and the starting point goes with the size of the diameter of the cutting process occurs quickly and is as fast as the starting point of the pen is the latest. "With" r chamfering distance is referred to as the distance specified.0.1L chamfering distance ... 07.12 aralağındadır.0.1L belirtilir.5130 increments the value of parameter No. 5130 is zero, this parameter value (chamfering) is referred to as zero.

G90 G92 code with the code as specified in the diameter, taper values ​​of progress and modal values, ie, a time when the same type are specified they remain active until another G code that used.

the sample study

G0X31Z5 (başl.poz)
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