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Workpiece Coordinate System (W-SHFT or G50)

And the NC part program is used to process a workpiece, the workpiece zero point on or outside the defined , according to the X and Z coordinates of the writing, we define the workpiece coordinate system. W-SHFT or G50 are made using the method.
Promotion of the workpiece zero point W-SHFT


W-SHFT turret means that all the teams on the + and - to draw up forward or backward by valuing complete sets.

Example: CNC Tornamızda team goes through 6 set and then try to bring a workpiece. Over the production of A and B are of the workpiece to produce a piece of work. However, the workpiece W to be used, ie 2 sets of 4 teams will be idle. We connected the workpiece W in the mirror now. Teams need to launch the first part of B business. sole of single applied using four team identifies four suits do know, but you do not need to launch the 2nd team on idle or hit me dismount them also. Now note: Let's open the present W-SHFT page of the current X and Z offset values ​​appear in column. If you are a business segment of B with a piece of work if you know the differences between the X and Z offset these differences directly to the W-SHFT summer, you know. for example, a work piece W the workpiece of 10 mm (Z) is less than the Z column of the Z-10., or -10 type the input pressure. Or will withdraw all the teams complete 10 mm T0101 'Get calling and the work piece or part of the minimum turning değdiririz do, playing a W-SHFT page of our team then Z0 Z column. Input connected to X so that all teams in the bi pen write the workpiece diameter can be arranged. Other teams to take their positions using the familiar respect to the workpiece or tool breakage will not be any impact. W-SHFT + value in the mirror when we go to the right. - Value when we move away from the mirror, but it varies according to whether they need to see some of the machines. However, the program you write - always true in the mirror. + Value shift from the parts.

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Z ayarlama (boy)

X ayarlama (çap)


                                                                                                        Setting Sets

Setting the Z direction: Refeans team "T0101" after connecting the workpiece to get a little speed (S300 ;) let us.  approach handwheel with our team on the forehead of the workpiece, or even up to top-down or let dust pass. Get cleaned up after part of the team playing GEOOFSET 'section of the press, and GEO1 "Z" column of the Z0., Type, and press the Input A. our team introduced the Z direction so that the workpiece

Set in the X direction: Team work on a piece, the tool is used for the long holes in the bottom to move işparçasına light touch. clear, even at the surface. Measure the diameter of the workpiece after cleaning, press and GEO1 section GEOOFSET ölçtğünüz X column, type the value (for example, X45.), And input key. Set Çaptada t done this way ....If you have followed this route, do you have any other teams. However, the team mix order. If you know the diameter of the workpiece is rough you can write directly offset section ...

Geometric offset and offset WEAR
Geometric Offset: page outside the reference team with respect to the X and Z direction farkaları takımlarınreferans used to identify pages.GEO button on the panel is pressed, the following page appears.
Wear offset: Wear referred to as offset.Team working in the program is used to pass the desired values.Tool-tip when changing or arise when the desired degree of workpiece radial (U) and length (W) from the offset is given here.

Controls and Aspects of the axes

             Workpiece zero point: should be set for programming the workpiece zero.This is the zero point of the workpiece, the programming and cutting process was initially taken as a reference point.X axis: radial direction of the workpiece dimensions X command is completed and the central spindle X0 is taken as the truth. Z axis: Z dimensions of the workpiece length Get the command defined by the smooth surface of the workpiece is taken as Z0.                                  
Absolute Command System (Absolute) and Incremental Programming System
Absolute command, the system uses the machine X and Z addresses. Get the surface of the work piece diameter X Z refers to the distance. All motion commands for the team of the workpiece zero point (X0-Z0) as the reference point is given by the coordinate values. The following solalttaki to 1 and up to 5 points of the motion commands are provided.In incremental programming, the X-axis moving system U (radial) W is used for moving the Z axis.Incremental the system software command, the latest point in, the distance from the destination point, and (+ / -) form contains direction. Programming the system in an incremental manner shown on the right.
mutlak komut sist. mutlak komut sist.
Writing a Program Terms Of Use
R: Radius C: Chamfer. (Pah) H: Height (length and height) D: Diameter (diameter) means.Automatic cycles R: Safety distance.Q: amount of Paso F: pitch (tooth pitch) used as a.


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