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Turning cycles are also frequently used in

U (x) Range of cutting the amount in one direction.Depth of
R (e) The amount of chip separation after removing the workpiece. In the flashbacks team not hit the workpiece.
P (ns) Written finish the program starting block number
Q (nf) Written finish the last block number of the program
U The only way left to scale to handle the amount of finish passes
W Left to finish processing lengths (Z direction)
G71 inner / outer diameter rough turning cycle
According to the finish post-processing program with function G71 track internal and external diameter of rough turning is done automatically.Specified in tool paths.Programming is not required.
G 71 çevrimi
G71 U____R___ (diameter. U cut up later, until R_ away)
G71 P__Q__U__W__F__S_, (P, up to the beginning part of Q'a Finish diameter (x) U_kadar (z) W_kadar chip size and drop, F_ to progress and S speed .....G70 P10Q20 .. program 10.blok (N) from the last block 20 (N) to finish the process up to now.
Get G94 Surface Cutting Cycle
G 94
Xa Zb G94 F_; ..When the team first as a G94 code "b" means rapid traverse length.Then "a" diameter "F" makes the cutting process. Then I will cut the size of the starting point and finally returns to the starting point with the diameter of the fast-moving. G92, G90 and G94 in the same way as in the values ​​of the modal values.Another value of the same type as specified in belirtildiklerinde a time they remain active until the.
G 94


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